a hugeto all of the people listed here! this blog wouldn't be the same or even a thing without their hard work and inspirational blogs. please check them out!

any uncredited graphics are either official artwork belonging to its respective franchise or made by me (or worst case scenario, i forgot..). if i am using something that you do not want me to use, send me a private message on my guestbook or contact me on any of my socials! if you use any graphics from my page, which is completely allowed, please credit properly and responsibly! and pretty please, don't direct link from my page! it's common courtesy.

this list is under construction!

- trigun pixels

- evacuation order image, inspiration

- inspiration

- vash glomper image

lovepeacedonuts2606 - vash and wolfwood pixels (i also kinda kidnapped all the graphics on your about sorry.)

trigun-manga-overhaul - manga transparents

deepspaceplanet - more manga transparents

sappytext - vash and knives 1998 scan transparent

llybian - meryl and milly transparent

y2k - buttons, blinkies, stamps

the cyber vanguard - buttons

- blinkies, blinkies generator

- pixels, blinkies

pixelbank - more pixels and blinkies

sweetpeauserboxes - userboxes

more to be added...