ghost town here!
about the webmaster

welcome to my webpage! my name is luna. i'm a very amateur hobbyist coder, but primarily a writer and office worker. i'm pretty bad at when it comes to talking about myself, but if it isn't obvious, i'm a huge fan of trigun.

that's all you really need to know to understand the point of this webpage, but i love so many other things! it's very likely i won't just be talking about trigun. and if you want to know more about me:
22 (5/24)
they/them (she/her is fine if we're familiar)
i consider myself unlabeled in terms of sexuality, but i love women.
🇧🇷 brazilian-american, white passing mestizo (tupi-guarani) and very proud of my heritage!
i love the colors pink and black, and my favorite character is usually the protagonist.
my favorite season is winter, but only if it snows! my favorite weather is rain, especially at night.
i don't have a favorite food, but my favorite dessert is cheesecake.
i have insane autistic swag! some of my eternal special interests are music (especially metal/rock), dragons, rwby, candles, mahjong, and claude monet. i used to be huge on warrior cats, roblox, and pokemon.

one of my goals with this webpage is to keep practicing coding to keep making this place cuter and cuter, and connect with the community of neocities. i also want to document stuff i feel is important to me and makes me happy, and share things that i see and experience with other people.
i've always wanted a space like this, but in these recent years, extremely corporate websites like twitter or instagram have worn me down and caused a lot of personal anxiety. i see, hear, and feel too much, and i don't think it's normal, or healthy. sharing about myself on spaces in twitter is a concept that fills me exclusively with dread, and i deliberately avoided making accounts on sites like facebook or tiktok.

thus, i started trigunmaximum, a small little haven for me to (hopefully) make more meaningful connections with other like-minded people on the internet. i was practically raised on the internet since i was around six years old, and i remember being on forums and blogs (i miss old tumblr), and often times they were wonderfully curated spaces and were some of the best years of my life online. recreating that sensation is something i want to do.
if you feel similarly, and like the things i like, you've come to the right place.

with that being said, i want to lay some ground rules, especially if you want to interact. this is not a nsfw blog by any means (although i might make stupid jokes), but i would highly prefer if people under the age of 18 didn't interact with me. i like talking to people around my age, and it's not because i'm like "eww stinky minors", but i just don't think we have much in common. i'm not completely against being friends with minors, and if you want to be friends with me, i'm not going to completely wall you from sending me messages or anything like that.

this will probably be seen as rude to say, but i just need to be clear: please don't talk to me like you know me. if we've talked once or twice and we're practically still strangers, please treat me with respect. don't make lame jokes about me, especially those at my expense. don't make assumptions about how i feel about things from your surface-level perception of me. the things i share about myself here mean a lot to me, but it does not make up all of me.

i want this to be a positive space. i don't believe in dunking on people publicly online, and i don't like talking about things that make me mad that are stupid. additionally, if you are that kind of person who thinks being a passive-aggressive hater is a worthy substitute for a personality, hit the road.

i'm sorry if any of this was potentially intimidating. i wanna make new friends and i really don't bite! i love fandom culture at its core, and i consider myself a good mix between a people person and a recluse. if you read this far, thank you! i probably won't be too active until i've finished making this webpage mostly presentable.