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late may, 2023 projected opening? yeah definitely not.
june 20nd, 2023 i'm still here! changed some stuff around again. i hope you're doing well.
june 2nd, 2023 overhauled my index, about, credits, and added my links page!
may 27th, 2023 sorry, no major updates aside from adding some fanlistings and adjusting my about. but i'm working on my shrine pages!
may 25th, 2023 things got pretty busy with my birthday but i've been tweaking things here and there. hopefully this page get more interesting in the next few days!
may 14th, 2023 adjusted the credits.
may 13th, 2023 worked on my about! note to self: make credits section prettier please.
may 12th, 2023 added the player on the front page and the credits section! i might take a break before i continue updating.
may 11th, 2023 preparing the credits page and more presentation updates!
may 10th, 2023 the guestbook is functional! ♥ i also made everything much more presentable. (and by much more i mean a little bit)
may 8th-9th, 2023 tidying the place and gathering materials in preparation for a grand opening. hard at work or hardly working!
may 7th, 2023 trigunmaximum was founded. hello!

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